The Particle Theory!!

Scientists have tried to understand “heat” for ages!! Scientists use something called “The Particle of matter” to explain and understand “heat”. In the early 1800’s scientists suggested that heat is caused by the movement of tiny particles that make up matter!!

Here are some facts:
• All matter is made up of invisible particles.
• Particles have spaces between them.
• Particles are moving all the time.
• Particles move faster when they are heated.
• Particles attract each other.

When an object is heated, its particles move faster. When an object is cooled, its particles move slower. When a warm object comes into contact with a cold object, the faster-moving particles of the warm object bump into the slower moving particles of the cold object.

Here is a diagram displaying how things transfer energy!!


2 thoughts on “The Particle Theory!!

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  2. Good Job explaining the key points from the reading.

    I think the diagram could have had more on an intro. I like how you illustrated the diagram yourself instead of pasting in the one from the textbook.

    What other example could you illustrate to help you explain the Particle Theory?

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