Canadas Wonderland!!!! <3 :D

On Wednesday, June 8th me and some other bus patrollers went to…..CANADAS WONDERLAND! It was AWESOME!!!

Some of the rides I went on were, The Wild Beast, Bumper Cars, Thunder Run, and White Water Canyon!!!! My favorite ones were The Wild Beast and White Water Canyon!!  The Wild Beast is HUGE!! It has a BIG drop on it too 😛 I liked White Water Canyon beause we got REALLY wet 😛 And the Teacher that went with us and my friends mom went on it with us the first time!! LOL it was funny!!! But in all I liked White Water Canyon the BEST!!

Have you ever been to Canadas Wonderland????? If soo what rides did you go on???

May 24th 2011! <3

What’s the big deal about May 24th, 2011?? Yeah its Victoria Day..but thats not a big deal….but the truth is….that day was the best day for me!!! “Why?” you ask….well because it was…..TRACK AND FIELD DAY!!!!!! I love track and field!!

Some of you might not be a big active person who loves to run..but I am 😛 This year I came 2nd  in 400m run…and 3rd in 200m run!!!! This year was a good year because i made it to reigonals!!!! This is my first year going!! I get to do relay!! I love to run, so i think it is awesome that i get to do relay!! If you don’t know what relay is….well i’ll tell you!! Realy is when you have a group of 4 people and they have a baton, you line them up in a certain order, then the first person takees the baton and runs to the next person who takes it from them and then they take it to the next person and so on until you are out of people. For reigonals we have to go against other schools….I feel sorry for the other schools…because they have to go against us 😉 I hope that this year our school will atleast be first or second!! 🙂 Im sure we will be…Because we have some fast runners….This year the relay team is Me, Courtney , Aura , and Katrina.

Well thats al i have for know…does your school have Track and Field?? I would LOVE to know 🙂

My Favorite Musician!!<3

This is for Student Blogging Challenge 8-activity 3. Who is my favorite musician….hmmmm lets think…I have alot of favorite musicians but my favorite one would have to be….Taylor Swift!!

I like Taylor Swift because she is a really good singer/songwriter and guitar player!! I also like her because I can relate to alot of her songs 🙂 Especially the one called “Never Grow Up” I like it because it talks about being a little baby in your mothers arms and then growing up and moving into an apartment…It relates to me because it is explainig how fast you grow up… and to me It feel’s like just yesterday I was only 6!! haha I miss being a little kid sometimes 😛

Whos your favorite musician?? Please comment and tell me I would LOVE to kno 😀

World Wide Fancy Blogs!! :D

Some of you might be thinking…”what is that title supposed to mean?” But this post is about peoples blogs i visited from around the WORLD! Cool eh??

I visited 5 blogs from different places!!  Diwa’s Blog , Jonah’s Blog , Maddi’s Blog , Sofia’s Blog and Siabhaons Blog.

I like these blogs because they are very eye catching, and very well done and well written in my eyes 🙂 I think they should keep up the good work 🙂 I think you should visit there blogs because they are just that awesome 😉 aha

Well I hope you get the time to visit there blogs 🙂

Pride In Myself!!!!

This is a Student Blogging Challenge post about something that makes me PROUD to be me 🙂 Here is a link to the Student Blogging Challenge!

Something that I am VERY proud of would be that I always stay true to myself and I don’t change because someone wants me to and I NEVER think I’m not good enough. A lot of this comes from my grandma…she taught me to always stay true to myself and don’t ever change cause of one person. One thing that runs through my head everyday is “You are who you are so don’t change because someone says your not good enough!” Something that I think is very wrong is that most teens are told to “act their age”…well to me we shouldn’t be told that because some of us might be 13 but don’t want to grow up quite yet… like sure ya sometimes some of us should watch what we do but other times if we are just being oursleves we shouldn’t be pressured to “act our age” because there is NO rule saying “Teens must act like adults”.

Do you think that teens should be pressured and why or why not? Just another question…What are you proud of??I would love to know!!!

Alyshas Blog
Nikitas Blog
Siabhaons Blog
Diwas Blog
Maddi’s Blog

The Canadian Debate!!!

This post is going to be about…well The Canadian Debate as you can tell  😛  The four people that are in the debate are Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe, and…STEPHEN HARPER!! The debate is going to take place on May 2nd….and is for who will be the NEW prime Minister!!!  In my eyes I think Stephen Harper should win because he was the prime minister last year and did a GREAT job in my eyes. He also has good issues that he is going to help with…

Creating Jobs

Supporting Families

Eliminating The Deficit

Making our streets safe

Standing on guard for Canada!

I think these are good things to have especially for people without jobs, and for little children by making the streets safer!!! I think that the other runners are good just to me I think that Stephen Harper should win!

This is my comic I made for the “The Canadian Debate” !!!!





Hope you like it!! Who do you think should win based on my comic??

Thanks for reading!!! See you next time!!! 😀

What a looooooooooooong weekend!!

This weekend was long weekend!! We got two days off!! Good Friday and Easter Monday!! This weekend I did LOTS of things!! Friday I stayed at home and watched movies all day, Saturday I went to my Friends house, Sunday I went to my GREAT grandmas house to cleebrate easter, then monday…I had to clean the house…:/

On Friday I watched about…3 movies!! I watched “Titanic” , “National Lampoons:Wallys World”, annd I watched “My Sisters Keeper”…It was sad…:'( My favorite movie was “Titanic”. I love that movie soo much!!!!  At my friends house we had ALOT of fun!! We went to Mt. Pleasant Ponds and Nature Park, Mt.Pleasant Skate Park, went for like 20 bike rides!! aha! Umm played with her puppy, and annoyed her sister 😛 On Sunday I went to my 92 year old Great Grandmas house!! We had a DELICIOUS Ham, scallop potatoes, coleslaw, and carrot SUPPER!!! it was mmm GOOD!!! And i got a BIG BAG full of chocolate from her 🙂 Monday was soooooooo BORING! I had to clean the WHOLE ENTIRE house!! It didnt take very long though…aha!! After  Iwas done I just pigged out on CHOCLATE!!! mmm!!! ahah

What did you do on your loooooong weekend??

The Balloon That Popped :(

A little girl named Suzie had just bought a new balloon and decided to go for a walk!

 As she was walking all alone the balloon popped!!! She was sooo sad she started to cry!! When she got home she was trying to figure out why it had popped all of a sudden? As she was searching she finally found out why it popped!!! It said “As the temperature of the gas inside the balloon rises, the particles collide more often with the walls of the balloon. They are also travelling faster. These stronger collisions cause the balloon to expand.”

So from that day on the little girl never took a balloon in the heat again!!


By: Beth Myerscough!! (ME)

Blog Jumping!!

jumping DogHey Everyone!! This post is going to be about peoples blogs I visited!! I got to there blogs by jumping from one blog and taking any random person on there blog roll!! The people I have visited are Crystal, Claire and Gabi!! I liked there blogs cause they were neat and organzed and so were their posts!! Here is the links to there blogs!!!





I think you should take your time to visit these blogs because I think they are very well done and written!!

Well thats all for now! BYE!!

The Particle Theory!!

Scientists have tried to understand “heat” for ages!! Scientists use something called “The Particle of matter” to explain and understand “heat”. In the early 1800’s scientists suggested that heat is caused by the movement of tiny particles that make up matter!!

Here are some facts:
• All matter is made up of invisible particles.
• Particles have spaces between them.
• Particles are moving all the time.
• Particles move faster when they are heated.
• Particles attract each other.

When an object is heated, its particles move faster. When an object is cooled, its particles move slower. When a warm object comes into contact with a cold object, the faster-moving particles of the warm object bump into the slower moving particles of the cold object.

Here is a diagram displaying how things transfer energy!!